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Teknofibra® – Motorcycle Heat Shields

The main advantages of Teknofibra® are:

Teknofibra® heat shields are nontoxic and completely safe.

The low thermal conductivity of Teknofibra’s heat shields ensure an extremely low rate of thermal transmission.

In the event of a fire, Teknofibra’s motorcycle heat shield products don’t burn or produce toxic/hazardous emissions.

They do a phenomenal job of absorbing sound and cutting down on sound emission.

The most lightweight product on the market that provides such a low degree of thermal conductivity.

Heat shield material that works! A technical partner of JIR, Teknofibra® has long been known in the industry for their incredible line of lightweight motorcycle heat shield products. The prestigious Moto2, World Superbike, CIV, and many other professional motorcycle racing teams use Teknofibra® heat shields for various reasons, including:

  • Protection of motorcycle fairings and belly position near the exhaust pipes.
  • Maintenance of lower fuel temperature due to its placement on the exterior of the fuel tank. This helps maintain a stable fuel temperature, increasing fuel efficiency and maximizing the amount of fuel you can hold in your fuel tank. It can also be used to keep other fluids cool.
  • Protection of the battery, wiring, and other electronic components, which prevents problems with the ECU.
  • Protection of the rider from heat transmitted from the engine or exhaust systems by lining the cowl or saddle.

Browse our selection of Teknofibra® fuel tank thermal insulation kits, heat shield kits, and more. Learn firsthand why some of the greatest teams in the world utilize Teknofibra® to get the best performance and protection they can.

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Description: Teknofibra Extra Light Thermal Reflective Belly Pan Kit 30"x12"' .8mm Thickness 0121710638

-Comes with installation kit with Catalog with Install instructions Aluminum tape and an application tool.
-30" x 12"'
-.8mm Thickness
-Non Toxic material that reflects heat, flame, and insulates from sound.
-Used for Insulating fairings on Motorcycles, Cars, Aircraft and many other applications.
Item #: 0121710638
Condition: New
On-hand inventory ships within 24 hours, When out of stock Please expect a 2-to-4-week ETA from manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Price: $79.38


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