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At HHR Performance, we only deal with high-performance, aftermarket motorcycle accessories that are quality built to withstand the rigors associated with high-speed racing. You won’t find any cheaply made items here—professionals use the motorcycle accessories we sell in our online shop on a day to day basis.

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 Accessories - Tank Shrouds & Tank Grips
Pre-Pregnated Carbon fiber shrouds made in an autoclave

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Clear Brand
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Description: Chicken Hawk Racing Cool Tank Cover
The company known for keeping your tires warm also offers a product to keep your fuel cool. The CHR Cool Tank Covers are designed to reflect sunlight while insulating your fuel tank and include built-in pockets to accommodate flat cooling gel packs.

Fuel left out on a hot day will allow combustible compounds to evaporate which reduces horsepower. Cooler fuel means more power and cooler running engines.

Note: Designed to fit most late model sportbikes and supermotos.
Item #: TC-YAM
Condition: New
Price: $125.00


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If you’re a fan of the sport, want to keep yourself safe on the road, or need to make minor-to-extreme modifications to your bike and gear, HHR Performance has you covered. We’re your top online source for motorcycle accessories—you’ll never look back.

Amongst our online collection of aftermarket motorcycle accessories, you’ll find high-quality components for use with your motorcycle helmets, such as replacement straps, pads, visors, chin vents, and more from Arai Helmets. Browse our selection today of high-performance motorcycle accessories and ensure your safety on the road or track.