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When it comes to our passions, many of us refrain from using cheap, off-brand items. At HHR, we live and breathe motorcycles and racing, so you’ll never catch us settling for less—and neither should you.
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In our online shop, we carry and sell only the finest motorcycles batteries and chargers available from reputable trendsetters like Full Spectrum Power Speedcell. Having crafted the first commercially viable lithium-based battery for motorsports applications, they’ve only further honed their battery fabrication processes as time has gone on. They are in the trenches, producing batteries with larger capacities and longer shelf lives while minimizing the size and weight of the battery as much as possible.

Find out firsthand why numerous teams affiliated with MotoAmerica and motorsports, in general, favor the motorcycle batteries and battery chargers we sell.

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Lithium batteries for motorcycle racing with Dual Anderson Connectors

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Description: The newest generation of the original Lithium Motorsports Battery has arrived.

Speedcell Technologies releases its *NEW* 5.0AH Superbike Battery

-Made for all types of Sportbikes - 400CC, 600cc, and 1000CC and up!
Item #: 5.0AHSBK
Condition: New
Price: $199.00


Description: Prevents over discharge due to parasitic draw by completely disconnecting the battery from the system, eliminating the need to physically unplug your Speedcell battery.
Item #: SBDSB
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 2 Left!
Price: $150.00
Sale: $125.00
Save: 17%
Save: $25.00


Items 1-2 of 2