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Description: Quick release kit front axle, for BMW S 1000 RR and HP4, for OEM front axle
Item #: 3142B015A00
Condition: New
1 to 2 weeks when not in stock
Price: $60.20


Graves Motorsports Fairing Bracket Quick Release Plugs. Sold as a pair these precisely designed and race tested sport bike motorcycle fairing plugs allow the quick removal of the upper fairing from fairing bracket by utilizing Graves Racing's R clip. These are an additional part to add to our fairing brackets.
NOTE: Graves Motorsports Fairing Brackets can utilize these Quick Release Plugs or they can an be used on others with customer fitting.
Item #: FB041
Condition: New
Price: $19.99

Items 1-2 of 2

More About Quick Change Kits

Changing your wheels during racing is something you will do multiple times a day, These quickchange kits are made to speed things up and make things much easier during those races where you have a short time period between to change your tires