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Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories Accessories offer some of the best ways to trick out your ride and ensure it’s everything you need it to be. This could mean changing its visual aesthetic...More Details »
Batteries  & Chargers
Motorcycle Battery Replacements & Battery Chargers When it comes to our passions, many of us refrain from using cheap, off-brand items. At HHR, we live and breathe motorcycles and racing, so...More Details »
HHR Performance only carries aftermarket motorcycle bodywork, fairings, and windshields that are of the highest quality. We carry options such as Carbonin carbon fiber and Avio fiber race bodywork,...More Details »
Our online collection of high-performance motorcycle brakes and component parts are comprised of brake line kits, calipers, brake pads, master cylinders, and more. Whether you’re looking for...More Details »
Chain & Sprockets
Motorcycle Chains & Sprockets Getting the most out of your motorcycle is all about equipping it with the best possible components. That’s why, if you enjoy taking your bike onto the track,...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension
Motorcycle Chassis & Suspension Parts Your motorcycle chassis makes up the key components of your machine. If you notice any problems with your chassis, you should address them before hitting...More Details »
Crash Protection & Safety
Motorcycle Bike & Crash Protection Motorcycle racing isn’t without its own hazards. From taking turns that are too sharp to running into bumpy track terrain, there are a lot of opportunities...More Details »
Dash & Data Loggers
Motorcycle Data Loggers HHR Performance carries an extensive array of motorcycle data loggers and dash display products, ranging from dash replacements to GPS lap timers for all your track day...More Details »
Engine Electronics
Engine Electronics for Motorcycles Engine electronics for motorcycles effectively monitor your bike’s performance, which is an absolute must for many. When it comes to your bike’s...More Details »
Engine Performance
Motorcycle Engine Performance Parts The engine is the heart of your machine. Built for power, these components give you the fastest and smoothest ride possible. HHR Performance is a premium...More Details »
Exhaust Systems
Motorcycle Exhaust Systems Exhaust production is a natural part of riding a motorcycle; as such, it’s vital that any bike has the components to handle it. Not only do these parts help direct...More Details »
Gear & Apparel
Helmets, Boots Gloves Suits and safety Equipment
Hand & Foot Controls
Sportbike Hand and Foot Controls HHR Performance is your one-stop shop for all things related to sportbike parts and accessories. Every sportbike has hand and foot controls for various uses....More Details »
Oil Lube & Cleaners
Motorcycle Oil Lubricants & Cleaners There’s more to building and caring for your own motorcycle than just what you see during a race. In fact, the maintenance performed on your ride between...More Details »
Paddock Garage & Trailer
Motorcycle Paddock & Garage Trailers A lot of resources go into making your motorcycle the speed machine you need it to be, and your paddock is at the center of it all. That’s why those of us...More Details »
Tools Workshop & Garage
Professional Motorcycle Tools HHR Performance supplies a wide variety of professional motorcycle tools. Whether you’re a semi-pro racer or a mechanic, we have the tools you need to complete...More Details »
Motorcycle Wheels   When you’re out on the track, your wheels are the direct point of contact between you and the road. If you want to traverse the track with grace and speed,...More Details »