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Motorcycle Bodywork – Fairings and Windshields HHR Performance carries only the most high-performance motorcycle bodywork, fairings, and windshields on the market. We carry options such as...More Details »
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High-Performance Motorcycle Accessories At HHR Performance, we only deal with high-performance motorcycle accessories that are quality built to withstand the rigors associated with high-speed...More Details »
Batteries  & Chargers
Motorcycle Batteries and Battery Chargers When it comes to our passions, many of us refrain from using cheap, off-brand items. At HHR, we live and breathe motorcycles and racing, so you’ll...More Details »
High-Performance Motorcycle Brakes Our online collection of high-performance motorcycle brakes and component parts are comprised of brake line kits, calipers, brake pads, master cylinders, and...More Details »
Chain & Sprockets
If you ride track then you probably should gear your bike to get the best out of your bike by replacing the chain and sprockets for a 520 pitch or 415 pitch , if your on the street change out your...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension
Motorcycle Chassis and Parts HHR Performance is your online resource for all your high-performance motorcycle chassis, parts, and components, including front fairing brackets, rear subframes,...More Details »
Crash Protection & Safety
Motorcycle Bike and Crash Protection Browse our online selection of motorcycle bike and crash protection, including engine case covers, exhaust protectors, and sliders utilized by the professionals.
Data Logging  Laptimers & Transponders
Motorcycle Data Logging Products and Sensors Want to be like the pros? We’ve got numerous motorcycle lap timers, data loggers, sensors, transponders, and protective cases to choose from in our online shop.
High-End Motorcycle Electronics and Systems HHR Performance provides avid fans and professional racers alike with the most trusted motorcycle electronics, rapid bike fuel management systems,...More Details »
Engine Performance
Motorcycle Engine Parts and Accessories Browse our online selection of high-end motorcycle engine parts and accessories, including cooling systems, hose kits, throttle bodies, clutches, and more.
Exhaust Systems
Motorcycle Exhaust Systems and Accessories HHR Performance specializes in carrying high-performance motorcycle exhaust systems and accessories, including slip-ons, half systems, full systems,...More Details »
Hand & Foot Controls
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Oil Lube & Cleaners
Motorcycle Safety and Protective Gear Whether you’re practicing on the track, performing in an actual race, or just cruising around town on your favorite motorbike, it’s imperative that you...More Details »
Paddock Garage & Trailer
Trailer restraints, Paddock and garage equipment
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Used, Returned or Less than Perfect Products
Tools Workshop & Garage
We Sell Motion Pro Tools which cover a wide variety from Suspension tools, tools to fill your toolbox or those tools needed for pulling and installing bearings and larger jobs
Wheels & Tires
Carbon Fiber, Magnesium, Aluminum Forged Wheels
Gear & Apparel
Helmets, Boots Gloves Suits and safety Equipment