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Your Guide to Getting a Sponsorship for Motorcycle Racing

Your Guide to Getting a Sponsorship for Motorcycle Racing

To be a motorcycle racer, chances are you’re spending a lot of money! From the bike to modifications, gear, travel, fuel, and tires, not to mention repairs. A miniscule budget cannot sustain the lifestyle that comes with this sport even if you’re winning all your races. Sponsors can provide support with bikes, gear, parts, and related expenses. They are your gateway to competing on the professional circuit. Here is your guide to getting a sponsorship for motorcycle racing.

It Should Be Mutually Beneficial

You should help your sponsor as much as they help you. Granted, you cannot give them back the money or equipment they gave you, but it is your responsibility to openly acknowledge their help. Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of continued growth. The more brand awareness you provide for your sponsor, the more they will support you. One way to do this is through lots of press, no matter the finish. Whether it’s first place or last, if you can get a lot of impressions through your marketing, you will make your sponsor happy. Social media is huge for this because you can make posts featuring your sponsor’s products. The objective is to influence as many customers as possible to purchase your sponsor’s products. That is why they sponsor you.

Maintain a Professional Race Program

This is the most obvious way for you to attract sponsors. Simply put: the more races you win, the more you’ll attract sponsors to support you. Keep your racing program professional, consistent, and clean. Companies want to see a rider who is graceful, serious, and passionate on the track. After all, you will represent their brand in every race and performance. So look the part and keep your pit organized and tidy.


Remember you work for them; they do not work for you. Whether they provide free product or a discount, they are helping you and therefore expect you to represent their company. Too many racers ask the question, “What can you do for me?” Try to approach companies and ask them how you can best represent them. With this open communication, you will find they’ll be more inclined to help.


At HHR Performance, we sponsor many teams and riders like Andrew Lee, Stock1000 champion, Stefano Mesa, Michael Gilbert, Caroline Olsen, Team Norris Racing, and Omega Moto, to name a few. These teams and racers use products that we distribute, such as Carbonin motorcycle race fairings, Teknofibra and TK Brakes, and many other items we carry for their professional race program.