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Motorcycle Paddock & Garage Trailers

A lot of resources go into making your motorcycle the speed machine you need it to be, and your paddock is at the center of it all. That’s why those of us at HHR Performance set out to provide the sturdiest paddock and garage trailer equipment on the market. These products will keep your ride firmly in place so that you can work on it safely and easily. In addition to our restraints and Paddock and garage trailer equipment, we also carry other useful tools like tire pressure gauges, tire warmers, bike covers, and floor mats. With our selection of items, your maintenance shop can handle anything thrown its way. Check out our inventory below to find the best resources for tuning up your ride.

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Paddock Garage & Trailer - Bike Covers & Floor Mats 
Protective covers to put your baby to sleep in
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Helmet and Suit dryers
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Paddock Stands
Front and Rear Stands, Triple tree stands and Bursig stands
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Stand Hooks
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Stand Spools
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Tire Pressure Guages
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Tire Tree/Racks
For trackside or garage wheel storage
Paddock Garage & Trailer - Tire Warmers
Motorcycle Tire Warmers As serious motorcycle racers, we know how important tire warmers are for your bike. We also know that quality is everything when it comes to motorcycle gear. We offer a...More Details »

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From Pitbull Trailer restraint systems to Rapdid fill fuel systems and helmet and suit dryers we have it all