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Carbonin is the leading expert when it comes to manufacturing and designing high-quality motorcycle race fairings. Utilizing carbon or Avio fiber, and featuring Dzus fasteners for quick and easy installation, Carbonin’s race fairings are extremely lightweight and durable. They make each of their products by hand in Slovenia.

“Imported and Distributed by HHR Performance for the United States and Canada”

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Carbonin Contingency 2019
We Have a Container Shipment Inbound ready for your 2019 racing season!
Starting now until supplies last we will be running a 10% discount on all Carbonin Products which will be eligible for Contingency payouts! 
Here is your chance to Buy at a discount and earn winnings to pay off your bodywork! 

Racers competing aboard bikes with Carbonin Bodywork will have the opportunity to earn the following payout for a top-three finish in each of the participating clubs’ premier races for 300’s, 600’s, and 1000’s.

1st - $100, 2nd - $75, 3rd - $50 Carbonin Contingency Credit