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Everyone in the motorcycle racing community knows about Extreme Components. This brand has taken quality to a whole new level—and their bodywork is no exception. HHR Performance proudly offers a large collection of Extreme Components motorcycle bodywork that includes parts serious motorcycle racers need to compete successfully and safely. The products in this collection will not only protect your bike with lightweight and high-quality carbon fiber, but they will also make your bike look great! Enhance your sportbike by ordering Extreme Components motorcycle bodywork from HHR Performance today. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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Bodywork - Extreme Components - Black Fiber
Technical specifications of Black Fiber: • 50% lighter than normal fairings and parts in fiberglass • 15% lighter than our fairings in Epotex and those in aviation fiber • Processed...More Details »
Bodywork - Extreme Components - Carbon Fiber
Laminated with pre-impregnated fabric (pre-preg) of woven carbon twill of 200 gr • Processed in autoclave at 90 ° and 5 bar pressure, with vacuum technique • Unidirectional carbon...More Details »
Bodywork - Extreme Components - Epotex
Technical specifications of EPOTEX: • 30% lighter than normal fairing parts in fiberglass • Laminated with a special epoxy resin developed on our specifications • The outer layer is...More Details »

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