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How to Make Your Racing Motorcycle Go Faster on Track!

How to Make Your Racing Motorcycle Go Faster on Track!

Road racing relies on speed, agility, and performance. To have these traits, riders need a machine that is set up with the right parts to win. However, sometimes factors can slow down or decrease a motorcycle’s performance. For riders who find themselves behind their competitors, read about how to make your racing motorcycle go faster to increase your performance and win the race.

Exhaust and Fueling

Competitors use Full Race Exhaust systems because, in racing, we do not need to comply with the regulations needed for the street market. These systems save massively on weight while increasing engine power due to their tunability. You will find many companies making these systems by putting in many hours of R&D to produce the best power and torque curve for your engine. Use this in conjunction with a performance air filter, an adaptive fuel mapping system, and quickshifter for optimal performance

Weight Saving Parts

Naturally, lighter parts will reduce sprung and unsprung weight. There are various areas to save weight. For example, carbon fiber or epoxy race fairings are lightweight and durable to ensure maximum weight savings over heavier fiberglass fairings. Changing to lightweight wheels will drastically change the rotating mass and will let the motorcycle enter the corner later, accelerate faster, and change direction easier with the rider’s input. Lightweight Lithium Batteries shave pounds from your sprung weight, as well as lighter weight chain and sprockets which is less of a rotational mass

Use the Right Tires

Your wheels must have the best quality tires on them. That is the only thing between the ground and your motorcycle, and at a lean angle, the contact patch can be the size of a credit card. Using old tires or very worn tires on the track is never a good idea. Buy your tires new from the trackside vendor and make sure that you are using tire warmers and checking your tire pressures and tire heat before each race.

Upgrade the Suspension

Installing adjustable suspension will increase your handling and drive. Handling is key to lap times. A well set up machine will let the bike do what the rider needs it to do; however, adjustability is critical, as every track is different. Have a professional do the installation to ensure proper setup.


Brakes are a big factor when racing. Due to the speeds and stopping forces that a motorcycle generates on the track, we need brakes that can cope with these rigors. Brake rotors can be thicker and also developed to not overheat, while we need brake pads that can perform at that high temperature. Braided brake lines are necessary as well because, often, OEM lines are rubber and can expand too much under track braking conditions.

Practice and Train Your Body

While all these modifications will help save you racing time and boost your performance, one of the best ways to go faster on the racetrack is through practice and training. Be cautious of patterns in your riding that you can improve on. Don't just go out and turn laps in practice, but study race craft and apply those techniques on the track. Practice makes perfect. You should also ensure your body is in the best condition to race. Attend a Superbike school for professional training. You’ll learn different skills, like corner entry and exits. Knowing where to be on the track and the fastest and safest way to get around it, Throttle control, braking techniques, and body position will play a huge role in how you race. Just be sure to keep a well-regimented training program to keep your body in the best condition and keep excess weight off. The fitter you are, the better your ride will be.


No matter what you choose, we at HHR Performance have the best racing parts to boost your results and build you a machine to win. Check out our selection of Carbonin fairings, Ohlins Suspension, Rotobox Wheels, Brembo brakes, and much, much more.

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