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MotoAmerica legalizes aftermarket forged aluminum wheels in Stock 1000

MotoAmerica legalizes aftermarket forged aluminum wheels in it's Stock 1000 class!


It has become increasingly hard for teams and riders to purchase new OEM wheels due to the current state of the supply & demand in the motorsports industry. Along with the added squeeze of supply, OEM wheels are also much more expensive and heavier than aftermarket wheels.

This rule change opens the door for racers to be able to take advantage of buying lightweight wheels which provides a major performance advantage!

There are a handful of companies that make wheels and we at HHR like to offer the best wheels in the market legal for Motoamerica. That's why HHR Performance is a key dealer for Dymag and we have a complete wheel catalog live on our website. We are also a dealer for OZ and Marchesini wheels if that floats your boat!


Please note if you are racing in Motoamerica:

 -If you have not ordered your spare wheels now is the time to get them ordered as production times for Dymag Wheels can vary from 8-12 weeks.

-Please Note Ceramic Bearings are Not allowed for racing The use of Ceramic Bearings with cause disqualification

-Dymag are legal in the Stock 1000, Superbike, and Twins Cup.


 The Benefits of Lightweight Wheels


Incredible weight savings

    We have seen weight savings up to 40% in some models vs OEM; Expect around 30% weight savings for most models.

Better Acceleration

      With less rotating mass on your bike eating up power, you will gain faster acceleration.

Better Braking

       Less rotating mass also equals better braking performance.

 Better Handling

      Lighter wheels make it easier on you controlling the bike. You will have more responsive and precise handling

 Less Rider Fatigue

      Light weight wheels ease the load on your suspension, so you can enjoy a more stable ride with less bouncing and hopping




As a preferred Key Dealer for Dymag Performance Wheels, we offer Free Shipping on All Dymag wheel orders.

Dymag wheels are made in England and have been used by many top teams around the world and are a top choice for BSB, Isle of Man TT, and WorldSBK, and now Motoamerica!

-All Dymag wheels come fitted with standard bearings ready to use. 90 degree valves included and A Talon Sprocket in 520 pitch or oem size.
-Standard colors: Black Satin Matt ; Black Gloss ; Gunmetal Grey Gloss; White Gloss; Gold Gloss.

-Custom colors are available per special request

-Delivery times for Dymag Wheels can vary from 8-12 weeks  as they are made to order.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions or would like to discuss color options!


Shop Dymag wheels here:


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