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How Long Do Motorcycle Brake Pads Last?

How Long Do Motorcycle Brake Pads Last? | HHR Performance

In any kind of motorized vehicle, there is one safety feature that is common across the board and which can ensure you the most consistent security possible. That feature is, of course, the brakes. Any vehicle will have brakes, and they need to be checked consistently to ensure that said brakes still function properly every so often. For a motorcycle in particular, it is incredibly important to maintain upkeep on the brake pads so that your motorcycle can come to a complete stop.

But how do brake pads work, and more importantly, how long do these motorcycle brake pads last?

The function of motorcycle brake pads is deceivingly simple. They exist to provide friction to the brakes, meaning that they are responsible for the smooth stopping of your motorcycle. They are made of high-tech materials and they can have a greatly devastating effect on your bike’s braking system if they aren’t checked and replaced when necessary.

So when is this necessary? It is best practice to check your brake pads every 2,500 miles. They will likely not need to be replaced this frequently. In fact, on average, most brake pads will need to be replaced after about 20,000 miles traveled using them.

However, this should not be used as the sole determinant of whether your brake pads are in good condition. Motorcycle brake pads’ lifespan depends on the size of the brake pads as well, because the brake pads wear down with use. If your brake pads are less than ⅛ of an inch, you should replace them so that you don't cause damage to the brake system and have to undergo any strenuous motorcycle brake repairs.

If you get regular service on your bike every 2,500 or so miles, you can ask the dealer or mechanic to inspect your brake pads for you. However, it is important to be able to inspect them on your own so that you, as the owner of the bike, can ensure the quality of your brake pads. The life of your brake pads depends on the frequency of your motorcycle use, the type of use that your motorcycle gets, riding conditions, and more; you as the rider will know about these habits better than anyone.

That’s about all you need to know about the lifespan of motorcycle brake pads. If you’re looking for a trusted parts dealer to get new brake pads, look no further than HHR Performance. When you need high-performance motorcycle gear at the best quality and price, we’ve got you covered!