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How to Use a Motorcycle Stand?

How to use a motorcycle stand? | HHR Performance

If you own a motorcycle, it only makes sense that you’d need to own a proper way to store it. After all, if you’re going to take riding seriously, you’ll need to maintain your bike to the best of your ability. Improperly storing it could cause it to be damaged on its exterior, or worse, in its interior workings.

For this, it is important to have a motorcycle stand. These motorcycle stands can prop up your bike, making it easy to store as well as easy to lift off the ground in the case that that is necessary. Whenever you need to work on your bike or maneuver it in ways that would otherwise be potentially dangerous, a motorcycle stand is of the highest importance to keep both yourself and your motorcycle safe.

A motorcycle stand will always be installed on the rear, with a front stand always being an option (but never without the rear). These stands are incredibly handy tools, but they can be a bit confusing to use if you don’t know how to. So, how do you use a motorcycle stand?

First, you will need to install the stand to the rear wheel of your motorcycle. For almost every kind of motorcycle stand, you will need to use the spools on the wheel (or attach some yourself) to act as a sort of mount point for the stand. You will then need to position your bike vertically, ensuring that it will not topple over in this process, and position the tire on the stand as directed, so that the spools are on the stand.

When your bike is positioned properly, you will need to push down on the handle on the stand so that the stand can then push your motorcycle upwards. From here, you may choose to use a front stand, in which case you will have to lift the bike up from the front. The front stand works similarly to the back stand but usually does not have a spool.

Once you’ve put your bike on a stand, it will be incredibly easy to work on it to your heart’s content without fear that it may cause any damage to itself or to yourself. A stand can keep the motorcycle safely grounded when it needs to be, and to remove it, you simply have to lift the handle from the ground and carefully move the bike off the stand. It is an incredibly helpful and valuable investment which is considered a necessity for any motorcycle owner.

When you’re searching for a motorcycle stand, it will be in your best interest to look for one from a trusted source that is a leader in high quality and performance. At HHR Performance, we carry the best brands and products so that your experience can be both enjoyable and safe, knowing that you have the best in the business on your side.

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