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How to Lock Helmet to Motorcycle

How to Lock Helmet to Motorcycle |  HHR Performance

As with all of your belongings, it’s important to keep your motorcycle and all the accompanying accessories safe and protected. An incredibly common issue among motorcyclists is the fact that a helmet, while absolutely necessary for any rider, is bulky and difficult to carry around. But if you leave it with your motorcycle, you can run the risk of it being stolen. This dilemma causes some less than ideal scenarios of either having to leave your helmet unattended or having to lug it around with you wherever you go.

That’s why a motorcycle helmet lock is so important. There are a few different ways in which you can lock your helmet to your motorcycle, all of which offer an extra layer of security and allow you to be sure that one of the most important safety features of your time as a motorcycle rider will be kept out of harm’s way.

Most motorcycles will come with a motorcycle helmet lock made specifically for the purpose of locking your helmet to your motorcycle directly. Motorcycle helmet locks will come with a wire that you need to run through the bottom of your helmet and push out the visor, then subsequently secure it to any part of the motorcycle stable enough to handle its weight. Then you just connect it to itself and lock it.

However, if your motorcycle doesn’t come with a lock, you still have options. You can use a regular old padlock in order to securely fasten your helmet to your bike. If you run your helmet’s buckle through the lock and then lock the padlock onto a sturdy area of your motorcycle, you will have made an incredibly simple and secure lock for your helmet.

Another way to lock your helmet is to use a motorcycle chain lock, which you may already own for your motorcycle itself. You can lock your bike itself and your helmet with this lock, since they tend to be long and capable of holding both things. In order to lock the helmet to the bike with this technique, you use the chain lock similarly to the helmet lock—run the chain through the bottom part of the helmet and make sure it comes out where the visor is. That way, it is secure and you can avoid having to use a separate lock. However, this lock being long does mean that you may have to put your helmet on the floor, which can cause it to become dirty or damaged over time.

When you’re trying to keep your motorcycle accessories as secure as possible, you have to get your locks and supplies from a reliable source. That’s why HHR Performance devotes ourselves to the highest quality of motorcycle parts on the market, making sure you can trust the source. Visit our website today for more information or to search our extensive catalog!

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