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Are Motorcycle Covers Worth It?

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of being a motorcycle owner, it’s likely that you understand all that goes into the role. You’ll probably have invested in a lot of ways to keep your motorcycle in top shape, as well as understanding that your bike will need maintenance from time to time. But something that might be less likely to be a priority is a motorcycle cover. You may find yourself wondering if a motorcycle cover is a necessary purchase or just an add-on.

Because of all the confusion surrounding what their usefulness really is, you may be wondering, are motorcycle covers worth it? This article will discuss the multitude of reasons for which that answer is a resounding yes.

If you plan to store your motorcycle outside, the fact that a motorcycle cover should be used can be considered a no-brainer. But even if you store your motorcycle indoors, it is susceptible to certain elements that a motorcycle cover can prevent from deeply impacting the system. Wherever your motorcycle is stowed, it is almost necessary to cover it in order to reduce the amount of wear that your bike undergoes.

The most important reason that a motorcycle cover is worth it is the fact that it can keep water and moisture away from your motorcycle. Water can be particularly harmful to your motorcycle’s systems because they are much more exposed than those of your average vehicle (such as a car). Moisture can cause serious damage if it seeps into certain parts of your bike, such as the engine, and if it is left uncovered this can easily happen.

Water and moisture can also cause your motorcycle to rust, which can cause a slew of problems in and of itself. Rust can cause an engine seizure, which is not catastrophic but will be painstaking to fix. Motorcycle covers can also prevent condensation itself, adding another layer of protection against rust as well as mold. This eliminates the need to repair certain parts because of rust or mold damage, alleviating possible costs.

Water and condensation can also seep into areas of your motorcycle where they can cause damage that you weren’t aware could even occur. For example, water can seep into your chain, wearing away at the lubrication on it and posing a safety issue that could be serious if left untreated.

All of this said, the importance of a motorcycle cover cannot be emphasized enough. With that, it is incredibly important to ensure that your motorcycle cover is of a good quality that will be protective for years to come. At HHR Performance, we pride ourselves on providing the most top-of-the-line products for your motorcycle, and we offer the industry’s best in motorcycle accessories such as covers. If you’re looking for high quality and exceptional service, you’ll find it with us.

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