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If you enjoy taking your bike onto the track, then you should probably swap out the gears on your bike to increase its performance. Replace your current chains and sprockets with our high-performance racing sprockets and chains; a 520 or 415 pitch would work wonders. If you’re only taking your bike out onto the street, change out your 535 OEM for more bottom-end power. Doing so will give you far better acceleration. We have a wide array of colored chain and sprocket options to choose from.

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Chain & Sprockets - Chain & Sprocket Kits
Road kits can individualize your bike with colored sprockets and chains. Road racers need to change gearing ratio's so their bike revs out fully in it's power band and your getting the best...More Details »
Chain & Sprockets - Chain Adjusters
Chain & Sprockets - Chains
Performance chains for performance bikes! if you need a chain then we have you covered.
Chain & Sprockets - Sprocket Nuts & Covers
Titanium ,Steel or Aluminum Sprocket Nuts
Chain & Sprockets - Sprockets
Replacement Sprockets for OEM wheels and aftermarket wheels, 415 pitch 520 pitch 525 & 530 Pitch chains Superlite RS7 Series steel sprockets, new Superlite RS8 aluminum race series sprockets and...More Details »

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Our road kits allow you to further individualize your bike with colored racing sprockets and chains. It is imperative that road racers change their gear ratios so their bike revs out fully in its powerband. This helps racers to get the best performance possible for their lap times. Gearing your bike is critical in preparing a motorcycle for a particular track. To illustrate how important this is, let’s look at how a mountain bike and Tour De France bike differ. You would never ride a mountain bike during the Tour De France, and you’d never take a Tour De France bike up a mountain. The difference in performance would be very noticeable. If you aren’t using the appropriate gear ratios, you would see this same night and day performance difference when it comes to your motorcycle. You may not be riding a track that lets you use your 6th gear on a 1000cc superbike, so you need the 5 gears you do use to work for you. At the same time, on a lower cc bike, such as the Yamaha R3 or Ninja 300, you would not want all that weight hindering your ability to turn with a lower horsepower bike. In a scenario such as that, you would want to change the pitch to a 415, which is much lighter and does not need as much power to rotate.

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