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Road kits can individualize your bike with colored sprockets and chains. Road racers need to change gearing ratio's so their bike revs out fully in it's power band and your getting the best performance possible for those lap times. Gearing your bike is critical in setting a motorcycle up .. If you have ever ridden a bicycle with gears you wouldn't jump on a mountain bike to ride the Tour De France and you wouldn't go down a mountain on a Tour De France bike either, You will notice a big difference in the way they are geared and this is in theory the same as what you need to do on your race bike. You may not be riding a track that lets you use 6th gear on an 1000cc superbike so you need the 5 gears you do use to work for you. Alternatively on a small cc bike like the yamaha R3 or ninja 300 you do not want all of that weight for the small horsepower to turn so you change the pitch to a 415 which is much lighter and does need as much power to rotate

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Description: 520 Conversion Kit DID Chain / Superlite RSX Series STEEL Sprocket Set - BMW S1000RR 15-19 With Cast wheel- If you have the Forged Aluminum wheels you need to search R35/36-A1023 in our search bar

Front Sprocket - 17t
Rear Sprocket - 45t
Chain - 525 Pitch/120 Links

Item #: R35/36-A1019
Condition: New
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Price: $295.10

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