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HHR Performance is your online resource for all your high-performance motorcycle chassis, parts, and components, including front fairing brackets, rear subframes, mounting hardware, adjustable triple tree kits suspension, and steering dampers.

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Chassis & Suspension - Aftermarket Motorcycle Frames
Aftermarket Motorcycle Frames & Subframes for Sale Our aftermarket motorcycle frames for sale here are known for their durable yet lightweight design, and the same goes for our subframes....More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Hardware
Hardware used to mount bodywork and aftermarket race parts
Chassis & Suspension - Steering Stops
Steering Stops are used to remove the ability for your bars to go from full steering lock to lock. Only to be used in racing or track bikes. Not for street use
Chassis & Suspension - Suspension & Dampers
Motorcycle Suspension and Dampeners If you’re serious about racing motorcycles, you need high-performance motorcycle suspension and dampeners. If you’re racing on a paved track, you will...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Suspension Linkages
We Sell Evol Technology, Attack Performance and Graves Motorsports Products
Chassis & Suspension - Swingarm Kits
Superbike Swingarm kits
Chassis & Suspension - Triple Clamps
Chassis & Suspension - Upper Fairing Brackets
Replacement upper fairing brackets, air tubes and snorkles

More About Chassis & Suspension

If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it is the extremely high quality of every component we carry in stock. From our motorcycle suspension linkages to the very bolts we carry, everything is top of the line and used by professionals. Manufacturers such as Alpha Racing and even teams such as BMW Motorrad World SBK Team using these products. We also carry rear frames from manufacturers such as Alpha Racing, Carbonin, and Tightails. Our motorcycle chassis parts are both designed for professionals and used by professionals.

If you’re a serious racer, browse our immense selection of high-performance motorcycle chassis parts today and start riding like the pros!