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Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Exhaust production is a natural part of riding a motorcycle; as such, it’s vital that any bike has the components to handle it. Not only do these parts help direct the flow of these fumes away from the rider, but they also ensure proper release from the engine. This way, your bike is both safer and higher performing during a race. HHR Performance specializes in carrying high-performance motorcycle exhaust systems and slip-ons, half systems, full systems, exhaust brackets, accessories, and more. With these upgrades, you’ll never need to worry about the performance of your engine when you should be focusing on the competition. Browse our carefully selected collection of aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems today at HHR Performance to find the perfect system for your needs and budget. Best of all, professional teams use our products, making it clear that you’re getting a quality part every time.

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Exhaust Systems - Exhaust Hangers & Accessories
Exhaust Hanger used to eliminate the passenger footpeg bracket
Exhaust Systems - Full  & 3/4 Systems
We Bring you the very best in Exhaust systems from around the world
Exhaust Systems - Headers
Exhaust Systems - Link Pipes & Mid Pipes
To remove your Catalytic converter you can use a Link pipe from the manufacture of exhaust you run
Exhaust Systems - Slip-ons
Aftermarket Muffler's Aka Slipon's are one of the most popular modifications to a street motorcycle

More About Exhaust Systems

We carry the very same aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems used by professional teams because they give the greatest power gains. Our selection of sportbike exhaust systems from world-class manufacturers, such as Alpha Racing and Akrapovic, eliminate the passenger footpeg bracket and use lightweight, quality materials such as carbon. We also carry a massive selection of full and ¾ sportbike exhaust systems from Yoshimura. Our selection of slip-on exhausts provides a great balance between performance and price—these are amongst the most popular modifications that people make to their street bikes.

Pick up the aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems and accessories that will improve your bike’s performance today.