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Accessories offer some of the best ways to trick out your ride and ensure it’s everything you need it to be. This could mean changing its visual aesthetic or fine-tuning its core mechanical functions to improve overall performance. Either way, you need the right parts to get the most out of these endeavors. At HHR Performance, we only deal with high-performance, aftermarket motorcycle accessories that are quality built to withstand the rigors associated with high-speed racing. You won’t find any cheaply made items here—professionals use the aftermarket motorcycle accessories we sell in our online shop on a day-to-day basis. But we don’t just sell mechanical components; we even supply seat pads for your bike to provide support and keep you comfortable during every race. So, if you’re looking for some of the best motorcycle accessories online, browse our selection below. We’re confident that you’ll find something to suit your specific needs and personal tastes.

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Accessories - Blanking plates Fasteners & Swingarm spools
We carry a wide variety of Blanking plates and plugs for all current motorcycles
Accessories - Fender Eliminators
Eliminate your oem rear fender with these bike specific fender kit's that can hold your license plate and turn signal's
Accessories - Gas Caps
Keyless gas caps for racing and street
Accessories - Headlight Stickers
Used for Race fairings for those that think Headlights look cool! Or for that Endurance look! Many Teams in Superbike racing use these to help people distinguish the Manufacture and model of...More Details »
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Accessories - Oil Filler Caps
Accessories - Seat Pads
Racing Seat options
Accessories - Tank Shrouds & Tank Grips
Pre-Pregnated Carbon fiber shrouds made in an autoclave
Accessories - Thermal Heat Shield Kits
Thermal Heat sheild for protecting bodywork and for insulating airboxes and battery trays ECU's etc
Accessories - Windshields
After market Screens for street and race

Accessories Featured Products

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Description: SE Moto Carbon fiber tank shroud using Prepreg construction methods, formerly known as SE Composites. #MadeInUSA
Created for Rider Support And better racing Ergonomics along with tank protection.
Item #: SEYR115TCV2
Condition: New
Ships within 24-48 hours and ships directly from our supplier. Please note supply-chain related delays are possible.
Price: $385.00


Description: TeknoFibra Contact sheet dimensions are 0.62m x 0.27m. This is the newest in the range of the Teknofibra brand; Teknofibra contact can be in direct contact with the heat source if required and is able to manage temperatures up to 1000'C only transfering through 54'C on the reverse of the panel it is attached to. Again adhesive backed which is able to manage temperatures up to 250'C (more than the material transmits).
Item #: US1800000007A
Condition: New
On-hand inventory ships within 24 hours, When out of stock Please expect a 2-to-4-week ETA from manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Price: $94.50


Description: Teknofibra 2" x 33ft tape roll to use for joint cover and edge finishing when installing Teknofibra thermal heat shield materials . Manufactured from the same alloy covering as one the teknofibra sheets and applied with the same adhesive as the teknofibra sheets also.

Also available in 1" width.

Item #: US18000000010A
Condition: New
On-hand inventory ships within 24 hours, When out of stock Please expect a 2-to-4-week ETA from manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Price: $26.25

Items 1-3 of 3

More About Accessories

If you’re a fan of the sport, want to keep yourself safe on the road, or need to make minor-to-extreme modifications to your bike and gear, HHR Performance has you covered. We’re your top online source for motorcycle accessories—you’ll never look back.

Amongst our online collection of aftermarket motorcycle accessories, you’ll find high-quality components for use with your motorcycle helmets, such as replacement straps, pads, visors, chin vents, and more from Arai Helmets. Browse our selection today of high-performance motorcycle accessories and ensure your safety on the road or track.