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Motorcycle Track Day Essentials and Gear

Motorcycle Track Day Essentials and Gear

Track days are an exciting time. You and many  other people decide to get on your Sportbikes and ride your favorite tracks. Still, when it comes to a track day, there are some important things to keep in mind so that you’re prepared. Bring along these motorcycle track day essentials and gear so that you have everything you need to win.

Full-Body Race Suit

A racing suit is a must-have to provide protection against falls or accidents. For instance, a full-body race suit will give optimal performance on the racetrack, and it offers a few other benefits. These are made from durable, specialized fabrics such as cow and Kangaroo leather and Kevlar, so they protect against slides and high friction. They also come with CE approved armor for hard impacts. Two-piece suits may be worn on track days, and some race organizations allow them, but most require a full one-piece suit.

Race Gloves

Gauntlet and motorcycle gloves protect the rider’s wrists, palms, and fingers from wind and abrasions. Some are waterproof, weatherproof, or provide additional protection. Racing gloves specifically have pre-curved fingers and additional armor panels built-in around the knuckles and joints for sliding.

Full Face Helmet

Naturally, a helmet mainly functions to protect the rider’s head and brain in the event of a crash. Full face helmets are a requirement for any track riding or racing events. You will find different levels of protection and options that include ventilation and aerodynamics, but safety is key. Helmets should have the DOT rating and an emergency cheek pad removal system found on all top brand helmets.

Racing Boots

Race boots are made from durable materials to improve safety in case of a fall. Manufacturers specifically design racing boots for riding on hard pavement with rider comfort and crash protection in mind. They are form-fitting and armored protection around the shin, instep, ankle, heel, and toes. A high-wear metal or composite pad is attached to the lateral side of the toe to allow for extreme cornering and for protecting the boot from wearing through.

Basic Tools

Unless you’re a professional racer, you probably don’t have an on-site pit crew to fix up your bike. For this reason, you’ll need to bring along basic tools to the race, such as a tire pressure gauge, Metric wrenches, sockets to remove your wheels axles, Allen keys, a torque wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, and other items you feel are important to your specific motorcycle. While a tire vendor will likely be at the track, you should always bring your own tire pressure gauge to check for the proper cold pressures. Additionally, tire warmers, replacement fluids, and spare bike parts are good to have on-hand to avoid bike malfunctions.

Food, Water, IDs

Like any large-scale event, it’s important to bring extra food and water. You should make sure to properly nourish and hydrate yourself for the big day. Eat a healthy and balanced diet that includes lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and good fats to keep you satiated and energized throughout the day. Additionally, you should stay properly hydrated to avoid dehydration and fatigue. On top of those, don’t forget your driving license, track day organizer paperwork, and any forms they require to get on the track.

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