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OZ firmly plants its roots in the motorcycle world in the 1970s when, in its second year in business, it begins to design and produce motorcycle wheels. A long history and great success in the field are replicated by OZ in the motorbike world, based on years of hard work alongside professional drivers to improve the wheels and consistently increase their levels of performance and safety. This first is even more meaningful because it is the result of an independent choice made by the teams and riders, who chose OZ as a technical partner in order to achieve maximum results. The skills gained by OZ in Formula 1, WRC and in auto racing in general, along with its more than 40-years’ experience in working with magnesium, have allowed it to reach levels of performance unanimously recognized by the top motorcycle riders on the international circuits

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Motorcycle Wheels   When you’re out on the track, your wheels are the direct point of contact between you and the road. If you want to traverse the track with grace and speed,...More Details »
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Description: OZ rim set Cattiva RS-A 2019-2020 BMW S1000RR Wheel Wheels RSA 3631B003A00

OZ Motorbike rim set Cattiva RS-A V2 3.5"/ 6.00" x17", for 2019-2020 BMW S1000RR (K67), forged aluminum rims, 6 spokes, black matte anodized including Sprocket carrier
Item #: 3631B003A00
Condition: New
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CATTIVA SERIES The 6-spoke, forged magnesium wheel with the exclusive "C&U” two-section design that runs and wins in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. PIEGA SERIES A series of wheels drawn straight from OZ racing experience that uses forged technology to achieve the utmost expression of wheel shape. GASS SERIES From the WSBK circuits comes the lightest aluminum wheel for street use. REPLICA SBK SERIES The special series created to celebrate the World Superbike 2011 victory with Carlos Checa and the Althea Racing Team. A limited and numbered series of forged wheels, for track and street use, with the same technical features and the same colors used by the World Superbike riders