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Brake adjuster cables for TWM Galespeed products and Brembo Racing products

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Description: Brake lever Racing short, folding, black anodised, adjustable lever position (remote optional), with alpha Racing logo, CNC milled from high quality aluminum, length: 175 mm
Item #: 3272A001C00
Condition: New
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Price: $95.79


Description: Remote adjuster for brake lever "Moto GP Style", for alpha Racing brake lever and Brembo RCS/PR master cylinder
Item #: 3272A003B00
Condition: New
Price: $130.69


Brembo RCS/PR brake master cylinder 2019-2020 K67 BMW S1000RR

Remote adjuster for brake lever, for alpha Racing lever and for Brembo RCS/PR brake master cylinder
- Remote adjuster for alpha Racing lever and for Brembo RCS/PR brake master cylinder
- for changing the lever position during the race
- easy mounting

weight: 0,08 kg
- bracket with bolts
- adjuster cable with knob
- tools
Item #: 3272A003A00
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Price: $103.95


Galespeed Active Remote Adjuster and Bracket Set. This remote adjustor set is designed to be used specifically with Galespeed and Brembo master cylinders. Note: Galespeed Master are available seperately in the suggest / related items listings below this description.

When setup properly riders can use the remote adjustment knob located on the left side of the handle bar controls to compensate for brake fade. This allows for riders to maintain consistent brake feeling throughout a race session.

Galespeed / Active race parts are imported from Japan. These extremely high quality components are used on the Graves spec ZX10R / ZX6R / Ninja 400 also fits numerous others motorcycles. We strive to stock the parts that we race with so inventory levels will show on the website. Special wait times apply when these parts go out of stock. Please call with any questions. Thanks for your business.
Item #: W-WCY-06R6-25
Condition: New
Price: $106.00



Remote adjusters are devices to allow a rider to adjust the span of the brake lever using their left hand, as opposed to manipulating the master cylinder directly on the right side. This allows racers to adjust their brake levers for brake fade while riding. TWM Remote Adjusters are the perfect compliment for a Brembo, Accossato Radial Master Cylinder or TWM levers.

The mounting bracket is extremely slim due to the high quality materials used, this helps it to easily fit between your switch-gear and clutch perch.  The mounting bracket is only 7.5mm in thickness.

This kit includes one left hand clamp, one adjuster, one cable and connector.  The connector will be the same color as the adjuster.

The left clamp has an adjustable head which rotates to the position of your choice.

The wire is a high quality steel wire which is covered with a 75cm plastic hose covering.

Very simple to connect: simply remove the stock span adjuster and affix the TWM Remote Adjuster to your levers.

Fits Brembo RCS, 16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20, Accassato, and TWM Brake levers.

Made in Italy.

Item #: RBSA
Condition: New
Price: $103.95

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More About Brake Adjusters

Used to Adjust the lever when brake fade set's in, All aftermarket brake master cylinders have the ability to use a remote adjuster