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Recommended for racing and high intensity riding
Dry boiling point - 316 Celsius (601 Fahrenheit)
Wet boiling point - 204 Celsius (399 Fahrenheit)
Proven low compressibility at high temperatures
Must not be used with magnesium brake components

Item #: 4816411
Condition: New
Price: $19.95

Description: Motorbike Radiator Cleaner is a concentrate for cleaning coolant circuits. Deposits in the cooling/heating system create blockages for heat exchange and also block thermostat valves and control mechanisms. When engine temperatures are too high, the engine runs uneconomically and suffers excessive wear at considerable risk of damage. Motorbike Radiator Cleaner removes deposits containing oil and limescale, and ensures that the engine runs reliably and at the optimum temperature. Does not contain aggressive acids or alkalis.
Item #: 20152
Condition: New
Price: $3.99

Items 1-2 of 2

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