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S1000RR Race Fairings
Description: Parts Included with Kit
upper race faring (6 Dzus)
lower fairing (4 Dzus)
left side panel right side panel
single race seat/Tail unit(2 pcs)
Airbox Cover With side panels Required to install- Bracket kit for Installation (must be purchased separately) IN403B
There are 2 types of Rear Bracket kits- oem and SBK subframe
Optional Not Included -There are 3 options for seats

Basic - This seat is a 15mm neoprene foam glued to a base that is molded from the seat pan of the tail section and then attaches to the seat pan with bolts. Please not that these seat's will only fit carbonin seat pans and seat units. It will not work on any other brand. This foam will wear out like any other foam pad.
Standard - This is an upgrade to the basic seat which is covered in a neoprene material that protects the basic foam and provides the rider a level of grip but without compromising the need to slide side to side. It looks much more professional and will protect the basic foam from any wear from patches on leather suits or abuse from side to side movements. we have seen these seats go on for 3 seasons or more!
Pro Seat - This seat is for riders or teams that require their seat to provide back support or a step seat to keep them in a position from sliding too far back in the seat under acceleration, this is often done with a raised section so they can still get back in the seat in the full tuck, they are just raised up more which helps keep the butt up and their head shoulders and chest lower in the tuck. It is the same material as the standard seat but can also be customized with team logo's or race number -If you purchase a pro seat we will contact you to design your seat. Please note pro seats are made custom to order
Item #: CB42100
Condition: New
In Stock inventory ships within 24 hours. Avio Fiber has a typical eta of 4-6 weeks, Carbon Fiber can take up to 8 weeks due to production times. Please note supply-chain related delays are possible.
Price: $2,991.04

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