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Description: The only way to tune your 2020 Yamaha R1 besides YEC ECU and YEC Harness swap.

PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: Rapid Bike always manages all injectors and the very first time ever we will only be able to manage upper (secondary ) injectors on the NEW 2020 R1 model, because of that we are only able to make adjustments above 6000 RPM and over 40% throttle and making manual adjustments below 6000 rpm under 40% throttle will make almost no difference This action seemed to have almost no impact below specified perimeters and results may vary from one bike to another.
Item #: K27RBEVO/F27-ER-147
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Ships within 24-48 hours and ships directly from our supplier. Please note supply-chain related delays are possible.
Price: $525.00


Items 1-1 of 1

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