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Aprilia RS 660 Ohlins Shock

Öhlins STX 46 Supersport Shock Absorber AP 660

Part number

AP 660

Type Code


Single tube

Single tube

Piston diameter

Piston diameter: 46 mm

Öhlins Motorcycle type H

Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with hose mounted external reservoir.

Öhlins Motorcycle R1 rebound damping adjuster

Adjustable rebound damping on single tube shocks. Adjuster wheel above the end eye.

Öhlins Motorcycle S36C1 compression damping adjuster

Adjustable compression damping. Adjuster wheel or slot on the reservoir.

Öhlins Motorcycle L

Adjustable length.

Technical data

Length:309 +0,5/-5,5 mm
Stroke:51 mm
Rate N/mm:160 N/mm
Mounted spring:01093-64
Packaging unit:pieces

Fits for vehicles

Item #: AP 660
Condition: New
On-hand inventory ships within 24 hours. Please note supply-chain related delays are possible. Please contact us for ETA
Price: $999.00

Aprilia RS 660 Ohlins Cartridegs

Öhlins NIX 30 Cartridge Kit FGK 243

The Öhlins NIX 30 front fork cartridge kit is based on experience gained from international Supersport and Superstock championships. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a national road racing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. The cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort.

The Öhlins cartridge kit has a unique design with compression damping and the adjustment on the left leg and rebound damping and the adjustment on the right leg – i.e. all adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload! The cartridge kit system fits bolt on in most standard hyper sport front forks.

The Öhlins cartridge system fits into the original front fork, springs have to be ordered individually. Please follow our recommendations regarding spring rates and oil in relation to rider's weight and preference listed in the specific cartridge kit's mounting instruction.

Part number

FGK 243

Type Code

30mm Cartridge Kit R&T

Technical data

Length:728 mm
Stroke:120 mm
Spring series:08790-Serie
Recommended oil:01309
Packaging unit:kit


It is recommended to contact an authorized ÖHLINS Service Center for installation.

Fits for vehicles

Item #: FGK 243
Condition: New
If no inventory is listed above, please expect 1-to-12-week ETA from the manufacturer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Price: $1,229.00

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